The easiest delivery method offered by our company is Russian Post first-class mail. We pack the goods thoroughly into special shock-resistant envelopes providing reliable protection of the goods during transportation. This ensures that the delivery is completely safe and confidential. Only the address specified at the moment of placing the order will be indicated on the envelope.

Alternatively, you can use SPSR Express or EMS non-state courier delivery services working in all the regions of Russia.

You can also receive your orders through PickPoint postamats and pick-up points. You can get more information on placing orders through postamat here.

When can you expect the delivery?

Terms of delivery depend on the following factors:
•    post of courier service chosen. If we send your order by Russian Post, the delivery will be cheaper but will take a little longer. SPSR Express or EMS deliver the goods quicker but their services are somewhat more expensive;
•    the region where it is required to deliver the goods to.

Whatever delivery method you choose, you can get the information on the current location of your order which will allow you to be informed on its arrival at the destination.

If you want the order to be delivered directly to your home, use SPSR Express or EMSPost services which send a courier to the specified address. This method is more expensive but you will not have to go to a post office to collect the goods.

Cash on delivery orders with delivery by Russian Post must not exceed 10 000 rubles in value (according to Russian Post delivery terms and conditions). If your order exceeds 10 000 rubles, the order will be split into 2 parts and sent in two parcels.

Returns Policy
We send all orders in protective crush proof envelopes and stealth items are sent inside an unrelated product to make them even safer from heavy handed mailmen and prying eyes! If, however, your seeds do not arrive in perfect condition you must contact us within 7 days to let us know. Please keep all the packaging and be aware we will need to see a clear photo of the damaged goods, in their original packaging. Once we have received this information and we agree it was damaged on route we will dispatch your a replacement order the same day, completely free of charge. Please note that our seeds are fresh, hand selected, premium products, but they are still a 100% natural product and as such, if you are fortunate enough to live in an area where it is 100% legal to germinate these we cannot guarantee all items will do so.
We do not offer returns on products under any other circumstance.